Project Summary

This project aims to discover parallel paths on the journey of truth-telling, decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenization, and to mobilize opportunities for non-Indigenous graduate students and faculty members to take responsibility and expand capacities for their own intercultural learning.

Project Objective

The impetus for this project evolved after the co-leaders met through an Indigenous event on campus. Our initial discussions were around the barriers and isolation we felt, as non-Indigenous graduate students, negotiating our unique responsibilities as settler researchers seeking to engage in Indigenous research and how best to support our Indigenous peers. As conversations unfolded, we recognized that many non-Indigenous students face similar complexities in various departments across campus. ‚Äč

Project Overview

The praxis of this project is around community building and stresses the importance of meeting people where they are at and to support each other on our learning journeys. This will be done by created authentic relationships through monthly gatherings, dialogue and mentorship, and guest speaker presentations. Many non-Indigenous peers have expressed to us a desire to learn, yet have experienced difficulty knowing where to being, what to ask, or whom to talk to, etc. Dialogue within this group will include experiential opportunities to engage with Indigenous histories, epistemologies, philosophies, and methodologies, and be inclusive of any graduate or faculty community member who may wish to be involved.